Friday, July 28, 2006

Facing Missiology Project

Part of a mission movement is the momentum and inspiration of those that have gone before us. Today's missionaries learn and are equipped in part by the lives and contributions of missionaries sent all over the world. The Lutheran Society of Missiology has undertaken a project to research LCMS career missionaries in order to celebrate their contributions and inspire current and future missions. The effort is called the Facing Missiology Project as it seeks to put a "face" on the study of missions and promote discussion of the issues missionaries "face" is spreading the Gospel. Partnership with World Mission and Concordia Historical Institute make much of the research possible, but we also need missionaries, their families, and mission history buffs to supply missing and additional information.

The first step is creating a comprehensive list of career missionaries. Next, starting with the earliest missionaries, we'll gather details of their service. Information gathered will be used for an online searchable database, print and web articles, and much more.

Thanks for helping us with the first step. The Lutheran Society for Missiology will keep you posted!

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