Thursday, May 11, 2006

"Haircut" by MIssionary Alumni Christie Nelson

Haircut Provides Ablaze! Opportunity for Missionary Alumni

“Today I got my hair cut. What a common thing to do, right? It was a very special haircut, however. During the course of the general conversation (chit-chat) that one does when meeting a new hair dresser, the woman asked me what I did for a living. I told her I had just come home from Thailand after serving the Lord as a missionary there for 15 years. She said, "Well, honey, bless your soul!" She proceeded to ask me a myriad of questions regarding my former ministry and my current but temporary one of caring of my mother. One topic led to another and before my haircut was completed, the woman had verbally repented of her sins, asked God for forgiveness, and said she was going to be back into church each Sunday as well as personal time with the Lord on a daily basis. It was a good haircut for sure.
Praise the Lord!”

Christie Nelson,
Missionary Alumnae Thailand (1990-2006) & Guatemala (1982-1987)

Currently in New Palestine, Indiana
Posted May 3, 2006

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